William Levine, Podiatrist, Can Make Your Feet Feel Better

December 15, 2017
Dr. William Levine, a podiatristfrom Brooklyn, has been practicing for more than two decades from his offices in the Sands Point neighborhood in New York City. However, it can be said that his practice is different from most, in that he deals with virtually every aspect of foot health. Of course, those who know Dr. Levine best consider him to be an expert on bunions, that is certainly not his only specialty. It’s no secret that he is best known for the innovative approach to bunion treatment he developed over the years, he and his office have been able to assist patients of all types with treatment for virtually any every type of foot and ankle treatment available, including spa-like treatments that simply make the feet feel better and look better.
Dr. William Levine, Podiatrist
As a podiatrist, Dr. William Levine is certainly qualified. He has received certification from the prestigious National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners, in addition to being an Associate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. He isn’t all work and no play, though. When he has little spare time, the good doctor enjoys sports, both as a viewer and as a participant. He also enjoys home improvement projects and he is loves to read everything he can get his hands on and travel all over, as well.

William Levine, Podiatrist in New York City

September 15, 2017
The fact of the matter is, while bunions are the specialty of Dr. William Levine, podiatrist, his office can help you deal with virtually any ailment related to the feet. For example, working out of New York City, he is highly skilled and experienced when it comes to dealing with hyperhidrosis, which is a medical term for overly sweaty feet. Dr. Levine also is a cosmetic and aesthetic podiatrist, capable of providing dermal filler injections for patients suffering from metatarsal fat pad atrophy, which features pain and numbness in the ball of the foot. This is too common among women, so they are glad to have his services available.

Dr. William Levine, Podiatrist also provides those with aching feet with spa-like foot rejuvenation treatments, using massage with exotic oils and whirlpool baths, which means anyone can feel relief in his office. Dr. Levine’s office also specializes in laser treatments for the removal of nail fungus, he can do nail bleaching, and he is capable of employing state-of-the-art instruments and creams to remove all cracking skin, corns and calluses. William Levine, Podiatrist can treat almost anything that may be wrong with your feet.

Bunion Specialist Dr. William Levine Podiatrist

June 24, 2017
William Levine, Podiatrist has been in private practice in the New York City area since 1993, which means he is well into his third decade in one of the most impressive practices in the region. From his offices in the Sands Point neighborhood in New York, he provides patients with almost any every type of foot and ankle treatment available. For example, patients seek him out for his skill as a cosmetic and aesthetic podiatrist, which means Dr. Levine treats patients with conditions like hyperhydrosis, a medical term for overly sweaty feet, using Botox injections.

Despite the diversity of his practice, however, Dr. Levine is most highly regarded for his treatment of bunions, which he has perfected over many years. Bunions are a particularly common foot problem that shows up as a bony bump on the side of the big toe. Bunions usually occur when there is a misalignment of the metatarsal phalangeal, a fancy term for the big toe joint. While there are a few non-surgical treatments available for some bunions, like special shoes, shoe inserts and arch supports, they only seem to work on small bunions that have not grown and are not the most chronic. Dr. William Levine, podiatrist, notes that the most advanced cases largely require surgery.

That is not always the ideal of course. Many bunion surgeries leave the patient with large scars and in enough pain to need pain medication during recovery. That is the key reason William Levine, podiatrist has worked for years to develop a surgical treatment over many years, that allows him to treat bunions with the smallest possible incision in a way that produces less bleeding and scarring than other procedures. They also mean less need for pain medication, meaning less problems in many other ways.

How Dr. William Levine, Podiatrist, Can Make Feet Feel Better

March 09, 2017
Bunions are, unfortunately, an all-too-common foot problem that afflicts many people. A bunion is a bony bump that usually forms on the side of the big toe. They are usually the result of a misalignment of the metatarsal phalangeal, or the big toe joint, although there are also bunionettes, which are called that when they develop around the little toe. In some cases, bunions can be treated without surgery, using such techniques as special shoes that leave extra space around the toes and tape and padding that attempt to move the joint back into the proper position, or special shoe inserts and arch supports. However, while those can be effective in minor bunion cases, Dr. William Levine notes that, once the condition has progressed beyond a certain point, surgery is quite often the only treatment available.

Bunions should not be ignored. Often, those with bunions experience tenderness, inflammation and bursitis at the bunion site. Unfortunately, traditional bunion surgery leaves behind large scars and enough recovery pain to require pain medication. That is why Dr. William Levine has developed a surgical technique for bunions that uses the smallest possible incision in such a way that produces less bleeding and scarring than other procedures and that requires virtually no pain medication.

Dr. William Levine, podiatrist, has been practicing in New York City since 1993, which means he has been practicing from his offices in the Sands Point area of New York for nearly a quarter century. In that time, he has provided patients with virtually every type of treatment available for the feet and ankles. Not just bunions, but everything.